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Demon baby reminds me to Adventure time style art hahaha. I loved it.

Keep making art like this.

Delightful, funny, and unique comic. Really loved how quirky Lobopo's powers were and  the inventive ways you were able to put them to use! The overall story was wonderful and the art style is simply adorable whilst being incredibly stylish. Amazing work, look forward to seeing more of your comics in the future :)

What do use to create these comics?

Just photoshop.


I love this comic so much! I love the style and the dialogue (and sound effects) and it's so creative. :D


hmph, It's paid... I have a question though, how many pages is this comic? Because it took me about 3 minutes to read yoink, and i wanna make sure this is worth it. Please answer!


it's about 36 pages long.